During our 20 years in the industry we have built solid relationships and gathered valuable resources that enable us to look beyond the obvious municipal opportunities. Our approach to investing is designed to preserve wealth, mitigate risk and build for the future.

Welcome to W.H. Mell Associates

As a broker/dealer registered with FINRA, W. H. Mell goes beyond the obvious and finds value. Our team of expert municipal professionals has developed an in-depth knowledge of credits throughout the United States backing a variety of municipal issuers. We look beyond bond insurance support to understand the underlying credit of municipal bond issuers. With the ongoing challenges facing bond insurers, larger firms are just starting to understand the importance of this approach. We have been taking this comprehensive analytical approach for 20 years and we are ahead of the curve.

W. H. Mell provides expert support to Investment Advisors, Bank Trust Departments, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies and high net worth individuals.

What sets us apart is our team of trading, research and sales professionals who are experts in municipal bonds. Through intensive due diligence we are able to uncover special situation bonds that have more value than may be readily apparent to the less specialized eye. We dig beyond the obvious by finding undervalued and overlooked bonds. W. H. Mell Associates explores the rewards and associated benefits of currently callable, escrowed, general obligation and hospital bonds, among others.

Exceeding individual needs, our sales department works one-on-one with each customer to understand their distinct goals. We offer:

  • Personalized Portfolio Review and Evaluation of existing holdings
  • Individualized Portfolio Strategies recommended for different market conditions, client needs and preferences
  • Strong independent analysis done in house and supported by S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch to uncover special situations and guard against unwelcome surprises
  • A focus to maximize yield and income, with the highest regard for Capital Preservation
  • Accessibility. Each client has direct access to their Representative and back office support, no voicemails or pushbutton mazes on the phone.

We will help you secure sophisticated Municipal Bonds while keeping your assets safe through Pershing, an Affiliate of Bank of New York Mellon. W. H. Mell Associates, Inc. enables you to enjoy the advantages of a small firm with the security of one of the largest custodial banks in the world.

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