During our 20 years in the industry we have built solid relationships and gathered valuable resources that enable us to look beyond the obvious municipal opportunities. Our approach to investing is designed to preserve wealth, mitigate risk and build for the future.

Business Philosophy

At W. H. Mell Associates, we go the extra mile to develop a complete understanding of the credit and associated risks of every bond we trade. We find the best relative value within current market conditions rather than pick the direction of interest rates.

Working with the investment needs of each customer, we offer bonds and help our clients develop portfolios that we believe offer among the lowest volatility possible in the event of an interest rate or credit change. While we certainly have an opinion on the direction of the market at any given time, we strive to “add value” through intense research combined with our many years of investment experience.

W. H. Mell Associates looks at municipal bonds “from the inside out.” Founded by Harvey Mell, a former partner with Dillon Read, the firm has always approached municipal bonds from a different perspective. Harvey’s philosophy of creativity and innovation still resonates throughout the firm.

We focus on municipal bonds that have unique characteristics which may be overlooked by a large part of the market. Harvey developed and expanded a sophisticated, proprietary database of the towns, hospitals, schools and other issuers of municipal securities that enables us to dig deeper regarding special opportunities.

Today we are able to leverage over 40 years of proprietary research and extract value through our bottom up approach. Having this database at our fingertips allows us to react immediately in the secondarily traded market. We are able to react when most cannot.

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