During our 20 years in the industry we have built solid relationships and gathered valuable resources that enable us to look beyond the obvious municipal opportunities. Our approach to investing is designed to preserve wealth, mitigate risk and build for the future.


Sales: Our sales staff of municipal specialists led by the firm’s President, S. Bradley Mell, is well-informed, knowledgeable and discerning.

100% of our sales team has been active in secondarily traded municipals for more than 14 years. Beyond Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and insurance support, we can offer an informed opinion about almost every municipal market currently traded.

Trading: Under the leadership of market veteran Ryan Posner, CFA, W. H. Mell’s proprietary trading desk has developed a specialized proficiency in finding value among secondarily traded municipal bonds across all 50 states. For nearly two decades, Ryan has demonstrated a particular competence for following the nuances of this market.

With an average of 20 years of continuous service in the industry, nearly 100% of our sales and trading teams have been with W. H. Mell Associates for more than 10 years.

Research: Our in-house analytics department uses a practical approach in reviewing municipal bond issuers. In addition to considering research reports issued by the brand name rating agencies, our firm drills down to project specifics. Why was the bond issued? Does the project make sense? Do we believe revenues supporting debt service are sustainable? These are just a few of the questions asked.

In reviewing a multi-family housing bond, we may consider occupancy trends, pre-payment options within the structure of a debenture, Section 8 status of the project among many other relevant facts.

Our analytics department consists of experienced and credentialed personnel who maintain established and ongoing relationships with issuers, trustees and financial advisers. Their knowledge of the intricacies of special situation bonds enables us to achieve a competitive edge in the industry.

Operations: In a highly regulated environment, our team maintains level footing for all matters related to Clearing, Operations, Accounting, Technology, Human Resources and Project Management. Through a myriad of regulatory and clearing changes, Diane Fredricks and
Lisa Brown have developed an uncommon level of municipal back-office expertise.

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