During our 20 years in the industry we have built solid relationships and gathered valuable resources that enable us to look beyond the obvious municipal opportunities. Our approach to investing is designed to preserve wealth, mitigate risk and build for the future.

Individual Approach

At W. H. Mell Associates we invest in knowing our markets and knowing our customers. Each client has direct access to their representative and back office support. When our clients pick up the phone to call us, they find a live person on the other end. We work one on one with our individual clients and we do not believe in voicemail or pushbutton mazes.

We provide each client with the necessary tools to understand and become comfortable with their investments and customized investment strategy. After gaining a comfort level with the investment goals, level of expertise and risk tolerances for each customer, our registered representatives go to work finding the bonds most suitable to their individual needs.

Our attention to individual needs is reflected in our reputation. Through the financial turmoil of recent years, our customer base has continued to grow. Insurance companies, investment advisors and high net worth individuals rely on us to meet their special situation municipal needs.

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